Credit recovery: The last option

Credit recovery: The last option

Credit Recovery, the last and final option. At Hillcrest High School there are many ways to make up credit. Some options for credit recovery are enroll in student support lab (credit recovery class), sign up or CVHS, paper packets at Hillcrest, and last option would Northridge Paper packets. Some of the summer options would be summer school, or Valley High.  Many of these options are easy to find, and even easier to accomplish.

Credit recovery should always be the last option. The best option would just be to pass your classes in the first place, but Ms. Walters says, “That the best option is to not need credit recovery and work with your teachers to not fail any classes, then I would either do credit recovery at Hillcrest or online with CVHS”

Many kids don’t take credit recovery seriously until senior year, and from personal experience that is the worst idea.

“I have noticed this year (being my first year) that seniors take advantage because they are freaking out, I would love for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders to take it more serious and take care of credit recovery prior to senior year.”  Ms. Walter says.

The teacher in charge of credit recovery would be Ms. Jessop. She is a teacher that pushes and truly cares for her students. Every time you walk into class, she asks how you’re doing, how’s class going.

Majority of these options do you require you to pay for them, unless you do accelerate through student support lab. When you do CVHS you are required to pay for any make up credit, original credit is free. For all packets they all cost about 35 dollars per packet. Lastly Northridge High School is 50 dollars for original and make-up credit.

“It takes less time to do a thing right, then it does to explain why you did it wrong” quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.