Appreciate your teachers!

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There are holidays that many people celebrate, such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentines day, however, there is one holiday that is very underappreciated and not valued as much as other holidays are. This holiday is called National Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a whole week to appreciate and thank all your teachers and instructors for all the hard work they do for their students all year. There is a lot of effort and thought that goes into the lessons plans that they teach us. Teachers do a lot for their students, but most importantly, they prepare us for the future that we are going to take. This holiday takes place in May from the 6th to the 10th.

With so many teachers at Hillcrest, there are so many to choose from when it comes to thanking them. Here are some of the students opinions on why these teachers are their favorite:

Kelly Marin: “I have many, but it would have to be Carrell because he has taught me so many things like how to change a tire and the oil and he’s a cool teacher.”

Yuri Hernandez: “Mr.Richardson he makes learning relatable and he’s a really cool laid back teacher who knows how to teach and make class fun.”

Stephanie Salinas: “Ms. Jessop because she is the most caring and joyful teacher ever. She will always check up on you and how you are doing.”

Milena Korczynska: “My favorite teacher at Hillcrest would definitely be Ms.Clark. I admire her because she has such a big passion towards teaching physics and made class fun, inspiring, and each lesson was very enjoyable. Ms.Clark is a very understanding person and shows a lot of empathy to each student.”

Amanda Soriano: “Richardson, just because he’s funny and lighthearted, he always manages to make his lectures not feel like lectures. I just always enjoy being in his class.”

While we should thank every teacher that helps guide every student to a good and positive future, here are some of the things why teachers feel appreciated:

Mr.Doherty: “When students turn their cellphones off or put them away. Or whenever someone says they enjoy learning something new. Oh and of course chocolate is always good.”

Ms.Arakelian: “When a student tells me that they used what I taught them in the real world. It really makes me feel appreciated.”

Mrs.Grass: “When a student  comes back to visit me even if it’s the next semester or the next year. When students use what I have taught them in the future and they come back and let me know about it.”

Ms.Lauritzen: “Notes and letters I like. I don’t want anymore mugs.”

There are so many teachers at Hillcrest. It’s our job as students to make them feel appreciated and to let them know that we are grateful for all the hard work they put into lessons for us. A simple thank letter or even a favorite chocolate bar is a great way to say thank you to your favorite teacher.