Hillcrest annual art show

Hillcrest annual art show

Hillcrest High School is having their annual art show for their art students. The art show will feature many types of art including sculptures, drawings, ceramics and paintings.

The art show was located at Hillcrest high school in the AT 200 room. The show started on May 22, 2019 and went all the way to the 26th of May. Many students and staff members attended the viewing throughout the week, as it was open for everyone.

Cesar Valdivaul is a junior at Hillcrest and took his first drawing class this school year. Valdivaul was invited to showcase his artwork for the show and was amazed to know that his work was wanted.

Valdivaul has never thought of himself as an “artist” but Ms. Jepson has always been encouraging him and cheering on his artwork, which then had gave Valdivaul more confidence as an artist.

“Yeah my art wasn’t the best one or the perfect one but it was done with my own hands,” Cesar Valdivaul continued, “getting comments from other people and positive feedback made me feel good about myself, shout-out to Ms. Jepson for giving me a chance to display my artwork and the art show and for letting me share it with other artist/people.”

 The reason Hillcrest hosts this event is to showcase their students artwork. Hillcrest High school has many talented student, and by showcasing their abilities and talents, those students gain recognition, from teachers and their peers. This then makes students feel better about themselves because they have a voice.

“I loved the art show and loved seeing the different and abstract ways that people here at Hillcrest High School express themselves in art form. My favorite pieces were the ones that focused on death and dissection” Bryn Hardy said, a sophomore at Hillcrest.

This encourages many of their students to continue their hard work. Hillcrest administration always wants the best for their students and wants to keep their students active within school activities.

The art show always attracts the students who have amazing talent but also the students who don’t really participate in school activities.