Making it and rocking it: Dance Co auditions


It’s finally that time of year again, and Dance Company Auditions were held on Friday, April 25, Ms. Lujan, who has been coaching for about 10 plus years, has shown all of Hillcrest her creativity and her work has always been marvelous.

Many girls came to try and fulfill their dreams of making in into their first High School sports team. A lot of the girls were incoming freshmen and there were some friendly fellow huskies who are returning to the team.

The nerves were filled all around the room, but the excitement overthrew that feeling. It was the first time auditioning for many girls and for others, it was their millionths. Although the whole process is overwhelming, a tip to help is no matter what, go full out act like it’s a performance and that’s the type of energy the judges look for.

Tip number two, go big and go to the extreme, don’t let the nerves consume you and restrict your movements. This may help when doing across the floor, and this is an opportunity to show the judges your skills and techniques which would require all the energy you’ve got.

The process started with getting all the girls warmed up with a quick and upbeat workout and then straight to the first combo. All the girls looked excited and nervous at the same time, but everyone was still out there smiling and couldn’t wait for what was to come

Riley Martin, a sophomore at Hillcrest High School, has been dancing for 12 plus years, and has been in Dance 3 for the past two years and has decided she wants to upgrade and tryout for dance company.

She expressed her love for all types of dance styles, “I’ve done ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, modern, and contemporary. I’m actually feeling pretty good not super nervous. I’ve been rejected before so i’m used to this feeling.”

Little did she know that life would’ve taken a turn after auditions. “I want to be on dance company because i really like the unity and i know it’s super cheesy but i like that it’s a family that comes together and unites when dancing,” she excitedly expressed.

Martin made it and she couldn’t be more proud/happy. She’s tried out three times and

Madison Brown, a senior this year and president of the 2018-2019 dance company girls shared some of her wisdom and tips. Brown has been dancing for 15 years and decided to join dance company because she wanted to be involved.

“I would say the most important thing is to keep moving even if you forget the steps you are supposed to do. It looks more natural than stopping and freezing, also have fun! The more you have fun, the less nervous you become.”

Spoken like a true dancer, now we know why she was president. Brown loves getting involved, “I wanted to join dance company because i wanted to be involved in a group at school and because i wanted to experience other styles of dance other than ballet.” For many of those who don’t know, that’s Brown’s main style of dance.

She expressed her passion for dance and that she has never thought she’d enjoy dance company as much as she has.

“I love dance company because we are always able to express ourselves through dance, have the opportunity to be taught by amazing professional dancers and the friendships i have made on dance company are very special to me.”