From pointe shoes to cleats

Brooklyn Stromberg is a junior at Hillcrest High School and a first year member of the softball team. In previous years, Brooklyn was part of the Hillcrest drill team. This year Stromberg said she wanted to softball because “I wanted a change from drill. I like playing softball and it seemed really fun. I wanted to try something new.”

Stromberg plays on both the JV and Varsity team. “Because I am so new to softball I am constantly learning and I play in a lot of games. I play for both JV and varsity to gain experience. There is less pressure playing in JV.”

Dance has been a part of Brooklyn’s life for ten years. Recently, she has decided to try several new things. Along with softball, she is also the 2019-2020 public relations officer.

“I decided to run for SBO to step out of my comfort zone. I wanted to be involved in as many activities as I could my senior year. I am so excited to serve my student body and make senior year the best I can for everyone.”

A fun fact about Stromberg is that she has double jointed elbows, and double jointed ankles.

Outside of sports, Stromberg loves “cooking, hanging out with my friends and family, walking my dog, hiking and being outdoors.”

Brooklyn says her favorite thing about softball is the people she plays with. “I love the sportsmanship on the team. The girls on the team are accepting of everyone and I love getting to know them and being able to play with all of them.”