Top five best local photographers to take your senior pictures


Senior pictures can be stressful, and finding someone to take your photos for a reasonable price can be even more stressful. Every senior is looking for their own personal style, for example, sports, urban, classy, simple. Here are some local photographers with all different styles that you can contact to take your senior pictures. is a good choice because she’s pretty new which means her prices are a little lower than the usual. She has a really fun style and is willing to try new things. She loves studio light but also loves the natural light outside. She has a warm feel to her pictures. is a great one too. He has a pretty set style of a modern/urban feel. He is pretty average on prices, not too high but now super low either. He’s really great to work with and is really good at bringing out your personality. is amazing! She’s been in the photography business for a while now and is so talented. Because she is so advanced, she’s a little more on the pricier side of the spectrum. But the photos are totally worth the price. She has a very adventurous feel to her pictures because she loves the outdoors. So if that’s what you’re looking for, she’s your girl. specializes in portraits. She’s amazing at them. She is from Arizona but is always traveling to Salt Lake City, Ut. Because of this you will have to really communicate with her on dates and times to make sure she’ll be here. Contact her for prices because they vary. also specializes in portrait photos. She is very low on prices which is A-MAZING! She has a very simple style to her but is really good at it. Quick, easy, cheap, done.

I hope this helps on your quest to get those graduation invites out or just to have a fun photoshoot for yourself.