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Icebox is the largest jeweler in the united states, doing custom pieces, shipping across the world, and in-store shopping. Based in Atlanta Georgia, Icebox is the top of the totem pole in the jewelry game.

The company opened its doors in 1976, owned by Mike and Dinar Jooma who made a dream into a reality. The store is now run by their three sons Mo, Rafi, and Zahir Jooma.

The store always has famous people walking in and out of the doors, like Tee Grizzley. Tee Grizzley designed a half human, half beast chain to be made at Icebox, and the result was phenomenal.

The chain cost nearly $500,000, 88 carats, and is roughly the size of his hand, but there is no information about the weight of the chain itself.

Icebox, mainly used by rappers, also sells rings for weddings, and smaller necklaces for people looking to add any type of jewelry to their collection.

If you’re looking to buy any type of jewelry, click the link under the picture to shop for jewelry from $500 to $500,000!