A silly letter on ap and ib testing

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This letter was written without names in mind.


Dear friend,

I know you’ve waited weeks on end now to be able to hang out together, but I’m afraid we’re going to have to postpone yet again. I’ve got multiple AP and IB tests to study for and some of the classes are requiring that I go to review sessions and write tedious outlines.

My weekends are becoming more consumed with AP and IB tests as I take lots and lots of practice tests. I often wake up early on Saturday mornings just so I remember to take a practice assessment. I even have Saturdays where I spend at least three hours at the school, taking a proctored test.

Whenever I’m not in school during the weekdays, I spend hours on end reviewing notes and Quizlets alike on all my classes.

I don’t want to fail, as passing these tests will help me get some more college credit that I desperately need to get while still in high school. Perhaps you don’t take as many AP and IB classes as me so you won’t understand the load I’ve been burdened with.

Forget about going to Spring Fling or visiting all the high school sporting events; I’ve got studying to do and I need to do it now.

Once all the tests are out of the way, we can hang out again. Maybe we can do something fun, like ordering lots of comfort food or going to the movie theatre. After all, anything fun I do after the tests won’t compromise my scores.

I’m sure there are others out there that feel my pain. The suffering becomes even more apparent in the AP and IB tests, with hours on end of just one subject at a time. At least the ACT and SAT both had different subjects throughout the testing block.

I suppose we’ll talk later, then.




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