Top five romance movies

Top five romance movies
  1. “The Proposal”

I love this movie because it’s not only a romance movie, it’s a comedy. It also has a deeper meaning, the meaning of family, friends, and marriage.

  1. “50 First Dates”

This is one of my favorite movies because it has a beautiful storyline, it also has amazing actors and actress in it as well.

  1. “Love, Simon”

This movie is amazing, it has a great message. It also has great LQBTQ representation.

  1. “The Vow”

I love this movie because Channing Tatum is beautiful to look at, also that it has a good meaning. The meaning being, if your family falls apart you can always build it up with love, or a change.

  1. “Safe Haven”

This is a beautiful movie. It shows that you can get out of a abusive relationship and still find happiness. It also shows that you can have a loved one die, and again still find happiness.