Fun facts about nico and the velvet underground

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The Velvet Underground and Nico are still, to this day, the dynamic duo of counterculture rock music. The banana album invited an inspired idea of alternative music, and its importance remains.

  1. One of their most popular songs “the black angels of death song” got the band fired from their residency. They recorded and rehearsed that song in their apartment complex, receiving warning from the owners, and ignoring all of it of course.
  2. The first song they rehearsed together was a cover of the twist. Their inspiration was the wave of pop dance music, something they didn’t particularly enjoy.
  3. Because Warhol was a painter, the co-producer of the banana album refused to take a cash payment, and only wanted a famous Warhol painting.
  4. Nico, at the time a famous German model, was introduced to the band because they weren’t convinced they could be famous because of their “image”. They said they didn’t feel like stars.
  5. They have always been extremely open about stealing guitar riffs from some of their favorite musicians. The song “ There She Goes Again” features a riff from a Marvin Gaye song.


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