Last call for 2019-2020 schedule changes


Students have one last chance to change their schedule for the next year before school starts again in August.

Students received their schedules on May 17 in APP and the only way they can make changes to it is through Arena Scheduling.

Hillcrest Counselor Kimberly Walters stated, “Arena Scheduling gives students the opportunity to make changes on their schedule through Skyward. This may be changing an elective or a teacher.”

For a student to be able to change their schedule, they must log into Skyward and go to the schedule tab while Arena Scheduling remains open.

Junior Mario Madero stated his intention to overhaul his schedule for next year, “I’ve realized I am interested in Environmental Science and I need to take Chemistry and Biology to prepare for [Environmental Science] in college.”

One common misconception that counselors at Hillcrest hear about Arena Scheduling is that it is too hard to use.

Walters debunked the misconception as she stated how it automatically saves students’ progress and that “students will identify [what class(es)] they want to drop, drop it, and then click add to add a new class.”

Arena Scheduling opened on May 20 and will close on May 28. Due to IB and AP testing, counselors will only be available to help students if they schedule an appointment before or after school, as reported by Hillcrest High School’s website.

Walters advised, “Make sure that you are following the recommended classes to be taken per school year. If you drop a core class [ELA, Social Studies, Science, and Math], make sure you replace it with the same subject. Lastly, do not forget about Physical Education.”

Walters added, “Students should take advantages of any changes with electives during Arena Scheduling because if they wait until Arena Scheduling is closed, there will be a fee to make unessential changes [including teacher changes].