Remembering Kendrick Castillo


Another deadly shooting at a school leaves family and friends grieving the life of Kendrick Castillo. Occuring on May 7, 2018 the same news story you see every month, something that has become a regular for the country.

Castillo was a senior at STEM School Highlands Ranch, who only had a few more weeks till graduation. He will be remembered and honored for his bravery by losing his life to disarm the school shooter, saving many lives.  

John Castillo, Kendrick’s father, described him as “the best kid in the world,” in an interview with the Denver Post.

He was an only child. His family says that they wish he would have hidden during the shooting, but that was simply not who he was. His character was protective and caring.

Eight other students were injured during the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch, as the shooting was carried out by two fellow classmates.

This shooting is not an irregular thing to hear about, and sadly, Colorado has suffered greatly from gun violence.

Time stated “It’s not a short list. Not only are there regular shootings throughout the country, but Colorado in particular has been devastated by gun violence on multiple occasions.”

This shooting was only 20 miles away from the sight of the most well known school shooting at Columbine highschool.

As the week continues, more protests have started up as the same urgency for legislation to make changes to gun laws has become personal for another city. Another terrorized town, another torn apart family, home, and school suffers as the gun violence in America has failed to decline.