Bringing in the dough

Bringing in the dough

Created in 2018 by Jack Connolly and Hillcrest alumni Akbar Khan, Dough is the first app of its kind. Dough works with many restaurants on the UC Berkeley campus to help decrease costs for all parties involved.

According to their website, “Dough is a meal-plan for groups that guarantees a higher volume of customers for local restaurants. In return, users receive discounts on meals purchased up-front through Dough.”

With the smartphone application, students are able to go into participating restaurants, receive the discounts on the food, and track their meals and discounts.

Dough provides their discounts not only for its users, but for the companies that provide the food for the customers. It is able to manage this because Dough promises their food company partners a high volume of customers, for an exchange of discounts for the members. Because of the large quantity of customers that the restaurants receive daily, they are able to afford the discounted prices, and still make enough to keep themselves afloat.

Aisha Khan, Akbar’s sister stated, “I am really proud of my brother and what he is doing. Because of his app, over a thousand students are able to receive cheaper food at a time in their lives when they need it most.” As of last October, Dough has over 1,600 members with more than 200 orders per day.

Even though Dough has only been around for a short while and it is only present on UC Berkeley, it is planning on expanding soon. In a technology expo next month, Connolly and Khan are planning to introduce their app to thousands of people who may take interest in it, which will hopefully give them some momentum to spread it to not only other college campuses, but to high schools and even corporate clients as well.

Dough may not be available to your future college, but there’s a possibility that it will be a benefit at your school soon.