The Easter suicide bombings

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Two hundred and thirty five Sri Lankans have died from bombings in mosques and and hotels on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019. The attacks were planned many weeks in advance but didn’t go as planned. The Sri Lanka’s government previously had heard about the possibility of the attacks supposedly from India and the United States but failed to prevent them from happening.

According to the Washington Post, The US ambassador said that she did not get any warning of an attack. India did hear of the future attacks and warned Sri Lanka authorities.

Government leaders are blaming a local Islamic group called The National Thowheed Jamath. Authorities have also found that outside sources helped in the bombings but some are unknown right now. One of the groups has been linked to the bombings is ISIS

The suicide bombers struck many mosques and hotels. Three of the bombings were in luxury hotels and 3 bombings at churches.

The New York times states that many Muslims in Sri Lanka are very scared that they are going to be persecuted because of the attacks. Muslims in Sri Lanka are in hiding to avoid any more attacks. 600 Ahmadis are being hidden in church’s that are extremely well guarded.

Nine people are in suspect for the bombings but many of the original bombers were killed in the bombs as they had previously planned. Seven men bombed mosques or hotels and one woman bombed a house. One of the bombers hasn’t been identified.

More than 60 people have been arrested 18 were arrested in an overnight sweep. Although there is only 9 who have been subject to the suicide bombings. The bombings happened in the Colombo and eastern city of Batticaloa

The bombings are affecting people all around the world, even at Hillcrest A British couple was going to go on their honeymoon there but had to re-plan the honeymoon.

“My dads international business was supposed to be funded by Switzerland for a business in Sri Lanka but the investors are deciding whether to pull out because of the bombings” -Said Hillcrest senior Kimmie Hill