Hillcrest Got Talent: Highlighting the Huskies

If you are a student at Hillcrest High School chances are that you have heard of the Instagram page “Hillcrest Got Talent”. It’s a social media account and as owners Luke Schreiber and Michael Varanakis describe it as a “hyper-edited spotlight for Hillcrest students. It’s chalked full of uncanny images, unreadable captions and intricate feature films. It’s a childish humor, but we love giving our friends recognition, and using the platform to pursue creative endeavors.”

The masterminds behind the page are juniors Michael Varanakis and Luke Schreiber, in this feature article we will explain the why how and what’s of the successful and what has become the iconic @HillcrestGotTalent, and the owners “ couldn’t be more proud”

From a humble beginning, “Our intentions from freshman year were humble. It’s a surprise, but it took undeniable effort.” the admins explain, and now over 1000 devoted followers. “We couldn’t be more grateful for it. It isn’t taken for granted.”

The creation of this account is undeniably interesting and surprising. Junior Jacob Atkinson originally created the account for a school project with the intentions to make a positive impact on social media and once the project was over the current admins guessed the password and began what is now the page.  “We soon gained a cult following on accident. Over three years, we’ve uploaded 123 posts of hundreds of talented students”

Out of the many features and projects that this account consists of it is hard for the owners to pick one that they can categorize as their favorite, but in perfect Hillcrest got talent fashion they describe their favorite as “ It depends what you mean by it. It could be our favorite, or the post could mean that the favorite depends on what you mean by our favorite post, depending on your definition of “what’s”. Picking our favorite nose is like picking our favorite. We love all our children, especially our favorite, the Kepas vs Ebay trilogy. “

The page itself embodies the Hillcrest spirit as it highlights students of all walks of life “Anyone in the school can be posted if they request it.” No matter who you are at Hillcrest you will love this page that celebrates YOU.

“We believe our page has community value alongside entertainment value” the boys explained. The page offers a platform for students to enjoy and celebrate in the values and aspects of Hillcrest life. Hillcrest is more than a school and this page highlights that.

Some people may view the page as a meme page but the admins explain, “We don’t want our page to be interpreted as satirical, or meant to undermine the Hillcrest spirit in any way. We believe it does the opposite. It unites the student population, which is difficult to accomplish genuinely.” Which is exactly what the page with strive to continue to do.

As the admins will be graduating in 2020, the future of Hillcrest Got Talent is not foreseen, but what they know for sure, the boys explained.

“We’ll pass it on to someone else. There will be an involved selection process first.”

Whatever the future may hold, something we do know is that Hillcrest Got Talent is more than a social media page. Its a community and a platform that not only highlights students at Hillcrest but unites them. For more information, to request future or to just check out this amazing page follow them on social media platforms.