UVU dance team and BYU cougarettes join forces as Team USA

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The dance teams from Utah Valley University (UVU) and Brigham Young University (BYU) were invited to compete for Team USA at the International Cheer Union competition in Orlando, Florida April 23-26.  This is the first time in the history of this competition that two of the teams representing the USA were from Utah.

UVU was chosen and competed as the USA’s jazz team and BYU was chosen and competed as USA’s hip hop team. There was also a pom team from New Jersey. The USA’s cheer team was a combination of people from all around the country.

Their competition was from around the world including, Japan, Scotland, Russia, Canada, China, Mexico, England, and much much more. All teams sent in a video of their routine and those routines were judged by judges from their individual countries.  Those that were selected were then invited to come.

As they prepared for this competition, they rehearsed 4-5 times a week and a member of the US Committee came and worked with each team for a week to make sure that their routines were in top form to go up against other countries.

There were 16 teams in the jazz division and 17 teams in the hip hop division and the USA didn’t win either of these divisions last year.  The first day, they each competed their routines and then the top 10 teams were announced. The finals took place the next day where the competition was fierce.  

In jazz, Team USA, Mexico and Japan were all head to head while in hip hop Team USA, Japan and the Philippines rounded out the top three.  No one was sure how either of these would end up. All the teams had clean and solid routines.

After the finals, the top three teams were brought up to the stage where Mexico received a bronze medal in jazz, Japan received a silver, and Team USA got the gold medal!  

Then to hip hop where the Philippines received a bronze medal, Team USA received the silver and Japan got the gold medal!  What a proud moment all around for Team USA!

After all these years of UVU and BYU competing against each other, they were finally able to join forces and show the world what they can do best, together.