Preparing for testing


It is testing season here at Hillcrest. IB and AP testing are in full swing and take place during the month of May. Here are some tips to make testing the most successful it can be.

1. Sleep
It is hard for high school students to find time to sleep. During testing season it is imperative that you are sleeping enough. Getting eight plus hours of sleep a night helps your brain to retain information and prepare for testing.

2. Don’t stress
Stressing over tests won’t do you any help. Try to not overthink all of the tests, and focus on all subjects. Don’t over study for one test.

3. Time management
Don’t overload your schedule with studying for tests. Give yourself down time during the day to de- stress.

4. Breakfast
Give yourself time in the morning to eat a balanced breakfast that will fuel you for the rest of the day. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day

5. Study with friends
Instead of cramming and studying by yourself for hours, find friends in the same classes and form study groups with them. They can help you with subjects you aren’t as strong at and vice versa.