Last words

Last words

Thinking back in my years at Hillcrest High School there was many ups/downs and bad memories, but I will be leaving Hillcrest with fond memories. Being able to be in a school full of diversity I have been able to experience more life with peers around me. I have been able to learn three languages with ASL class, the French teacher who I spent time with after school for all my boy advice, and Arabic with my friends who are immigrants.

Being able to live through the hardships of being a teen with many amazing friends with their stupid advice and going out late a late night burrito was the best. Sluffing school to go get McDonalds and sitting in the parking lot to eat.
Here are some last words from the senior of Hillcrest High

“This school is like my second home. I love being here.” Cameron McCleary

“Be excellent to each other, party on dudes.” Sam Nielson

“Bye. Adios Amigos.” Torrie Heffron

“I have loved being involved and being part of this school. I’m going to miss it.” Andrea Vazquez

“Hillcrest holds a very special place in my heart and know that my love for this school and the students in it will live on forever.” Lizzie Moss

“Good luck, have fun without me.” Braydon Ludlow

“I should’ve enjoyed it while it lasted, and I will miss all my friends.” Weston Hamilton

“It’s been fun.” Tanner Cluff