Rumors for the Jazz

Rumors for the Jazz

At the end of each season, the Utah Jazz always have many rumors that get stirred up. The Jazz are always on the lookout for new players who could be a great asset to the team. There are so many great players and they are always working to negotiate with other players to see if there is a chance of them playing for the Jazz.

One of the main rumors that has come up recently is that Damian Lillard might come play for the Jazz. Lillard currently plays for the Portland Trail Blazers. He is a great player and would definitely be a great asset. He is great at three pointer shots, is a good passer and ball handler. And has the ability to get the ball to where he wants it to go.

He recently tweeted, “If blazers said they didn’t want me… Utah Jazz or Lakers” (

In another article written by Ryan Aston for the website “The Jazz Notes,” he said, “Moreover, he has an existing friendship with Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell. So, naturally, Jazz Nation wants the two to team up”

So it all comes down to whether or not the Trailblazers decide to keep him., but the Jazz definitely do have a good chance and getting him.

Tobias Harris is another player that is a potential prospect for the Utah Jazz. He currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers and his position is small forward and power forward. He definitely has the potential for being traded and is already considering Utah for one of the teams that he would go to.

In an article written by Jared Woodcox for The Jazz Notes said, “there are rumors that Tobias Harris would be interested. So it’s suddenly, it’s not outlandish that a player wants to come play here (in Utah).”

So we can see that there is a chance for Tobias Harris, and he has said that he is interested in looking more into the Jazz.

The final person that is a possibility for the Jazz is Kemba Walker. Walker currently plays for the Charlotte Hornets with the position of point guard.

Hansen James a sports writer for the website SB Nation says, “with Walker Utah would instantly have one of the premier backcourts in the league and could score in bunches night in and night out.”

Walker could be a huge help to the Jazz’s offense if he were to come and play. He would also help Mitchell out with some of the scoring and playmaking. And he has also said that he would think about considering Utah.

While these three players could be amazing assets to the Utah Jazz there are a few rumors going around that we might lose some players. One of the main ones is that Ricky Rubio is considering looking elsewhere. Rubio is a free agent and claims he might be looking at other teams.

In an article written by Eric Walden written for the Salt Lake Tribune he said, “(Rubio said) in a response to a more general query about whether he’d thought about his future — that said future might well be somewhere else.”

So as we can see the future of Ricky Rubio staying with the Jazz is still a little up in the air. However all of the players that are considering coming to the Jazz would be great prospects, so it all depends on where they choose. However we may be looking at gaining some great players.