Camp: Notes on Fashion


The annual Met Gala event happens every year on the first Monday of May, this year landing on May 6.  It is the largest fashion fundraising event of the year even though only 650- 700 people attend. A ticket to the Met Gala is $30,000, and the money goes toward taking care of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City.

The theme for this year’s event was “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” This doesn’t mean sleeping bags and tents, but exaggerated fashion. It’s the concept of making something that shouldn’t be fashionable, and making it fashion. According to the Met’s website, Camp fashion can be humorous, ironic, or simply extreme in its nature.

The Met Gala was co-hosted by two of fashion’s most up and coming icons, Harry Styles and Lady Gaga. The event was sponsored by Gucci, as Alessandro Michele, the founder of Gucci, was one of the co-chairs, partnering with Serena Williams.

Celebrities created history in all different styles this year. Lady Gaga was the first to approach the famous stairs at the gala, putting on a show never seen before. She began wearing a large pink gown, walking up and down the stairs. She then removed the top layer of the gown, revealing a black gown underneath. However, she didn’t stop there. Once more, she removed the black dress and revealed a body hugging pink gown, stripping one more layer off showing her final form, a black, sparkly, top with netted tights.

Another iconic transformation occurred later on in the night when Zendaya arrived, dressed as Cinderella. Her stylist was dressed as the fairy godmother, waving a wand at Zendaya’s dress, causing it to light up and glow as if the movie had come to life. Billy Porter arrived dressed head to toe in a gold get up, being carried by six men also in gold clothing. This year’s Met Gala was not one for shy people to attend.

An important theme carried throughout this years gala was the destruction of toxic masculinity. Men and women broke gender roles through the outfits they chose. Harry Styles, one of the co-hosts, wore a high-wasted one piece suit, the top being translucent black lace. The outfit was topped with fingers full of rings and a dangling Gucci earring in his right ear.

Vogue editor, Hamish Bowles, did not come to blend in. He wore a large, colorful, cape, lined with rainbow feathers and rainbow dyed hair as the finishing touch.

What happens inside the dinner at the Met Gala, no one is really sure, but the show put on by the celebrities is entertaining beyond belief, with unique styles created each year.

Hillcrest student Brie Borrell originally watched the Met Gala because she’s an avid fan of Harry Styles. However she says, “I quickly got intrigued into the unique fashions and expression of the theme that all of the celebrities created. I liked learning what Camp meant and I also liked seeing Harry Styles.”