Madison McCurdy Profile

Madison McCurdy Profile


Madison Belle McCurdy, a senior at Hillcrest High School, has been on the high school Golf Team throughout her senior year because it helps her throughout her “stressful senior year.” She said “Golf is amazing. It helps me relax and set my mind to hitting the ball. It just makes me happy.”

She’s been playing since she was younger, but went through a time where she didn’t play. She brought it back up in her high school years. She said, “probably not for college but for fun.”

Just like Boys Golf, the team is constructed of five varsity spots, and the rest are junior varsity. The amount of junior varsity depends on how many people tried out for the team at the beginning of the season. Maddie plays in the second spot out of the five varsity spots.

The whole team plays two times a week, whether that be tournaments or practices, but the weather sometimes interferes with it.

McCurdy said, “I play golf because it help reduce my stress including that the school year is almost over and graduation coming up,” and it’s true! Golf forces you to slow your brain down and think of each shot. Golf is a sport for everyone, especially for the people who are going through tests in school.  

Out of all the courses McCurdy has played, the easiest ones to play, and the best ones to learn is Fore Lakes or Mulligan’s. She said, “These courses are my favorites because they’re easy to play, easy to walk, and have a enough fun in each hole to look forward to.”

Over the season, the whole team has been preparing to play in the state tournament, but only six of them made it. Those six include Jouri LaCome, Emma Willis, Paris Freebairn, Jenna Riddle, Caitlyn Tucker, and Madison McCurdy.

This year, state will be held at Talons Cove Golf Club, which is located in Saratoga Springs. State will be held on Monday, May 13th. If they qualify by playing under 80 stokes, they will play on the following Tuesday. To find the standings, click this link.