Cristian Luna: The skating artist


Hanna Emery

Cristian Luna is a senior member of the Husky Pawprint this year at Hillcrest. He wants to become a writer when he grows up, hopefully focusing on biographies. If he doesn’t become a writer, he’d like to become a musician. 

He writes his own songs, plays the guitar, and sings.

He described the music as “kind of folky I guess. I’m just dabbling. I don’t know. I really love making music. It’s where I feel best. Writing about random things in my life that I see going on.” He continued, “you can analyze them and it could have a double meaning really. I think it’s for the person listening.”

He’s extremely humble when it comes to his writing and his music. Starting the guitar in the eighth grade, Luna wanted to play with his friend Joshua. Now, at the end of the day, one of his favorite things to do is play the guitar and just relax.

Sadly, Luna is not available! Maybe for concerts, however, he’s in a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend Hanna Emery. He’s written songs about her in his music sessions. 

The thing that makes him happiest in the day is, “Hanna. It’s really cheesy but she is such a huge part of my life. Just, we go through a lot of things together. Almost a year [together]!” 

The nicest thing he’s ever done was unclear. He doesn’t think of things when he does them because he never tries to have a hidden motive. He just acts upon how he feels and what he feels is right in the moment. 

His girlfriend, Hanna Emery, said, “the first birthday that we spent together he had tons of flowers and balloons. Then for our six month he bought me a harmonica because that’s what I had been talking about ever since we started dating I really wanted a harmonica. That was cool. I don’t know! Cristian’s honest. As he was saying, he does things as ‘this is how I feel.’”