Superheroes in our school

℅: Hillcrest Theatre

℅: Hillcrest Theatre

This past weekend, 10/24/19-10/26/19 was the unveiling of the new Hillcrest Productions Company Marvel Spotlight. They performed the pilot production of two new Marvel one-act plays: “Peter Parker & the Kid Who Flew: A SPIDER-MAN Play” by Leah Nanako Winkler and “Mirror of Most Value: A MS. MARVEL Play” by Masi Asare. These women own the play-rights to these shows. 

At first glance, you see the superhero action and great cinema that the show provides. With cheesy stunts coupling the lights and loud music, it gives the play a very open and friendly mood. 

Some of the unique stunts performed were new black light visuals that allow the audience to feel as if a real superhero is in the room. As well as quite large towers and structures that give the set a realistic feel. All of these special effects played into making this play quite an extraordinary event for the Hillcrest Productions Company.

Kate Timmerman who recently attended the show states, “I thought the plays were really great. The messages were very applicable to the student body as well throughout your life.  The unique special effects of the play provided a realistic view. I loved the acrobatic tricks that performed.” 

While it was a joyful and fun show, it also unveiled a deeper internal struggle of suicidal-thoughts as well as dealing with bullying and self-confidence issues. Addressing these things are important for teens across the globe but give a special meaning to kids attending Hillcrest High School. 

While these topics are sometimes very hard to talk about they were able to be presented in a way that allowed for the audience to have a deeper understanding for the struggles that everyone goes through.

However, not just the audience was able to feel the importance of the message. Peter Parker, formally known as Spiderman, who was played by Hillcrest’s very own Zakia Kirby, says, “The whole mental issues that kids go through are actually quite extensive. This play helped me understand why we need to address them and be able to talk about it, with qualified professionals that can help.”

Overall, the play was able to entertain all from young children, who became captivated by the awesomeness of superheroes. To the teens, who were able to feel heard, because of the topics that were discussed throughout. Even the middle-age to old were able to understand this play and feel involved as the lessons that were taught throughout were useful to everyone.