Madilyn Wallace: Business extraordinaire


Hanna Emery

Madilyn Wallace is an exceptional senior here at Hillcrest. Her many accomplishments continue to push her to the top of her class.  Some of her outside extracurricular activities include DECA, FBLA, as well as CTEC’s business program. 

Madilyn says, “This year will be the third year of my FBLA experience. Last year, I placed 1st in Graphic Design at Region, but did not place high enough at State to go to Nationals.” 

Her performances with DECA and with FBLA are very impressive as a senior here at Hillcrest. Some of her many hobbies include writing, reading, and studying business. 

While Madilyn does quite well at managing all of her many activities, she still finds time to become, “One of the first women in the club of Junior Women in Business, which is held thanks to the South Valley Chamber of Commerce.”

An award of merit quite high indeed. 

Madilyn understands how important business in real life. She also wants to pursue a career in it.  And she is interested in the Sterling Scholar for business at the school as well. 

 Because of her time commitments, Madilyn isn’t able to take some of her favorite classes. This is because of her dedication and interest in Newspaper Madilyn. 

This happens to be her third year in newspaper and her hard work has placed her as an editor on the staff this year. 

Here at Hillcrest Madilyn impacts students in great ways with her happy smile and caring attitude. The impact that she has throughout business, school, and other extracurricular activities make Madilyn a favorite among many of the students here. Finally, Madilyn says, “I just love it here at Hillcrest!”