Emmie Manwaring: The uplifting photographer


Hanna Emery

Emelia Manwaring is an uplifting and good-spirited junior at Hillcrest High who loves photography, track, and cross-country. She is quite outgoing yet a bit shy once you start talking to her. 

She, of course, has her luxuries, like her love for black-and-white films such as Roman Holiday, Bringing Up Baby, and White Christmas. She claims to like any songs that are uplifting, but anyone who knows her knows that she loves the musician Donny Osmond. 

“…I don’t like his 60’s and 70’s style music, I like his covers, that’s what I grew up listening to…,” Manwaring said.

On September 16, Manwaring got to see Donny Osmond perform live at President Russel M. Nelson’s birthday, the prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Her favorite song of his is, “Anything in his broadway cover collection.”

She also loves to read when she can, particularly the Harry Potter book series. 

“If I had to choose one, it would be either the third one, the fifth, or all of them,” she explained.

Alongside reading, Manwaring likes to go out in the countryside with her father to visit small towns in Utah.

“…it’s just so much fun to see all the small things,” she stated.

Manwaring loves photography, and it’s understandable why. Her photos show a natural talent for it. She has taken photos of many things from Salt Lake Temple to trash can lids and plans to continue as an adult.

“I want to do photography as a side job,” Manwaring says, “And I think my favorite photo I’ve taken was one of The Salt Lake City Temple.”

From a distance, Manwaring might seem like a nerdy girl who just wants to keep her nose in a book. Manwaring walks the school halls just like any other student, but when she’s not in the halls she’s running track and cross-country.