Doc Martens & D.O.N. Issue #1s


Ella Copinga

Ella Copinga is a baller at Hillcrest High School with a clever sense of humor and fierce nature. She’s known for her street style fits and carrying the basketball team on her back. Copinga is a senior and has been playing basketball for 6 years. She’s played for the Salt Lake Rebels, Saint Thomas More Para League, and Hillcrest High. Copinga has been on the Hillcrest team all four years of high school. 

“I’m excited to play. It’s just a really long season,” said Copinga about the upcoming season. 

She’s a competitive person and she loved playing for Saint Thomas church for that reason. The atmosphere was ruthless and even the parents got involved in games. 

Copinga’s basketball idol is Coach Alford. He is a former Hillcrest JV basketball coach and also the best coach she’s ever had. 

“He’s the most supportive coach I’ve come across. He takes on players of all ages and levels. He built my game and has been a great influence. He’s old but that man can ball,” she says. 

Another thing Copinga loves about playing basketball is going to basketball camps. She’s only attended two but credits them as life changing. The basketball camps not only brought her closer to understanding her teammates but to understanding herself and her strengths. Copinga’s first camp was the summer of 2017 at Colorado Mesa University. 

“Camp changed the way I viewed my team. I experienced a lot of new things and it was with them. I learned a lot of new skills that bettered my game too and I felt exhaustion pretty hard,”  mentioned Copinga.

 Copinga doesn’t plan on playing basketball after high school but does plan on attending college.