Josiah‌ ‌Hall:‌ ‌Mind‌ ‌reader‌


Hanna Emery

After going to middle school at Salt Lake Arts Academy, Josiah Hall is starting his freshman year at Hillcrest knowing only one other person. 

Hall has a personality unlike most stereotypical teenage boys. Hall has found a passion for acting. Hall discovered his love for acting after watching Harry Potter when he was younger. He admired the acting in the Harry Potter movies and decided he wanted to do the same thing. When he grows up, Hall wants to either be an actor or voice actor. 

Not only is Hall good at acting, but he also has a great sense of humor and can come up with a story on the spot. Hall also likes to write stories and when he was younger he started to write a book.

“[It was] one I worked on where it was futuristic. People got sucked into virtual reality. 5th grade me was like, we’re going to write a sentence every day and that was not smart. I only got a paragraph,” said Hall. 

When most people are asked what superpower they would choose to have, the most common answer would be to able to fly or be invisible, but not Hall.

“Anything to do with minds. Because you can read thoughts, control people, and pretty much that, I can tell when people are lying, so do not lie to me,” says Hall. 

Hall loves rock music as well as rap music and loves the bands System of a Down and Cyprus Hill. 

“I like them because they are like political but also fun to listen to. I really really want to go to one of their concerts.”

Everyone has a life motto, and Hall’s is one that many people have heard of, but that he loves: YOLO (You only live once).

“It’s the truth and you only gotta make the most of it because life is very much too short, its also very annoying.”