The Art of Recruiting

The Art of Recruiting

Elizabeth Moss

Every young child who plays a sport dreams about the day they receive a letter from a school offering them a position to play the sport love. Now more than ever, when college tuition is at an all-time high, scholarships are even more important than ever which makes a full-ride athletic scholarships the golden bar. One of the biggest processes of this is recruitment. 

Scott Sellers, a former Hillcrest High School teacher and a current lead basketball recruiter for Mountain West Hoops says, “Recruiting has grown to an even bigger spectrum than it ever has been before. To be in the game you have to play the political game outside of it.”

Thousands of dollars are spent each year on recruiting services such as Ryzer, Sports View, Hudl, as well as thousands of camps across the nations that young kids attend seeking to gain exposure. 

In fact, even at Hillcrest High School recruitment is a big part of athletes careers. Nathan Berg recently received an offer from Green River Community College to play basketball there. He said, “I started out with no offers, but now it seems as if coaches are always communicating with me.”

Across the college athletic spectrum things are changing with recruiting, athletes are now allowed 3 official visits to colleges of their choice if offered. With these added changes more and more athletes are having to selectively choose. 

Coach of the huskies boys basketball team, Sanjin Kolovrat said, ̈You have to be more selective with what schools you go to.”

Being recruited is a dream for many kids nation-wide, and now it can become a reality thanks to recruiting services across the board. Playing the game of recruiting has become a big part of becoming a college athlete.