Zachery Gallman: Athletic Star


Hanna Emery

Zachery Gallman, a senior at Hillcrest, is a first-year reporter on the Pawprint, the vice president of Hope Squad, and a member on both the basketball team and track and field. Gallman left Alta High School and came to Hillcrest in his junior year.

Switching to Hillcrest has impacted Gallman.

“Hillcrest is a very diverse school compared to Alta […] coming here I guess being able to see people’s differences, not judging them and just kind of learning how to like how to be with everybody and anybody from all walks of life.”

Since coming to Hillcrest one year ago, Gallman has competed at state for both basketball and track and field. When asked why he decided to come to Hillcrest, Gallman said,” The coach basically told me to come over here and that it’d be a good opportunity.” Gallman confirmed that it was indeed a good opportunity.

Gallman is excited about his last year in high school. 

“Our goal [the boys’ basketball team’s] for this year is to be region champs and then from there, try to get to the State championship.” 

When he isn’t participating in sports, Gallman loves to hang out with his friends and eat Oreos dipped in orange juice.  

“Orange juice is a very tart taste and is really good with Oreos because it [Oreos] compensates the tartness. I like it because it’s sorta healthy and sort of not!”

Gallman hopes to get a scholarship to West Point, a highly competitive military college in New York. Despite the difficulties of high school, Gallman has a 3.82 GPA and has a good chance of receiving a sports scholarship for basketball. 

 “I’m a monster, I’m a maven[…] State Championship is comin’”