Girls Tennis Team


The tennis girls walked off the court for the last time this season with their heads held high. The girl’s season has come to a close. 

Emily Zhang, captain of the team said, “The team’s greatest accomplishment was being able to fight every match and never give up, especially in such a strong region.”

They went from winning region the past 2 years to an unbeatable region with girls who are on the National Tennis team. 

Although the region wasn’t easy, they fought hard. They didn’t always win but successfully beat Cottonwood as a team. Other wins were more individual. 

“Our tennis skills increased dramatically from playing these girls. I came out of the season a better player than I ever could’ve imagined,” said April Maxwell who plays JV 1st doubles. 

Hillcrest High School is known for its good sportsmanship. It doesn’t always mean they win, but they value being a good person. 

The girls have been complimented highly by other coaches in the region for their sportsmanship. Every match the girls were gracious and complimented their opponents on good shots made.

Lizzy Hamilton, who is Maxwell’s doubles partner says, “Our team had great sportsmanship this year which many teams appreciated.”

Tennis to these girls isn’t only about simply playing tennis. Tennis to these girls is so much more important than just the game. It is the comradery they receive on the team.

Sadie Greenhalgh, an alumnus from the team says, “ I loved all the girls on the team, we always end up as best friends by the end of the season. They made the hard times better.”