Cyprus and Hillcrest clash at the net


Madilyn Wallace

Image credit: Madilyn Wallace (taken at the event)

Cyprus and Hillcrest met at the net on August 29.

Hillcrest won all three sets at the game in the gym of Hillcrest High School.

Game one was 25-11, game two was 25-13, and game three was 25-7.

Hillcrest’s volleyball co-captain, Lilliana Bach, explained, “Most of us have been playing with each other since freshman year. We all get along really well and this year our bond along with how we are playing seems to be better than even last year.”

Getting prepared for the game is important, but so is keeping nerves and emotions under control. When nerves and emotions overflow or a person is too confident, it can negatively impact how they play.

“I try and go in with the same mentality to all games. That way, I don’t go in too confident or too scared,” Bach said.

This was the second preseason game of the year for Hillcrest, with one other preseason game on August 22 versus Summit Academy.

Hillcrest also won the August 22 match, with 25-19, 25-12, and 25-18 for games one, three and four, respectively. Game two was won by Summit Academy by 25-22.

Bach explained that playing against Cyprus was “an opportunity to get back to basics, focus on passing, mix it up, and apply new plays to the game. Volleyball can be a very mental game.”

The Hillcrest volleyball team is still going strong and will have a busy year.

“We have about one game a week [from August 29] until region and then state,” Bach elaborated.

Bach stated, “It’s a moment to see practice come into play, to further our skills and apply any new changes we can to games like this and those in the future.”