Virdiana Mayren: Drill team


Hights Photography

Photo credits: Hights Photography

Hillcrest drill team is full of many stars, and all the girls practice very hard to achieve all their successes. The drill team was placed 3rd at the State Drill competitions on February 3, 2018. Since then, our girls have been practicing a good 100 hours or more during the summer of 2019. They also practice 2-3 times a day before and after school. In order to feel confident enough to perform and win an award for our school.

Hillcrest drill team has been around for more than 10 years. The drill team has had many girls come and go throughout the years. This year the drill team is more diverse and is full of 23 unique and talented women.

One of the stars, Virdiana Mayren, is also known as Viri or Lupe, has been reaching high and up to perfect her half time routines to have them perfectly down before she and the team perform.

“ We’ve started on state routines already to have them clean and ready for comp and state! Pretty stoked for that,” Mayren said.

Mayren is a senior at Hillcrest and has been here since freshman year. She is a self-taught dancer and has been learning through social resources such as videos on youtube. Her mind was astounded by the movement of the body and how flexible it can be. The body does more than your mind can think. Mayren understands this very well and she can relate because sometimes she pushes her body a little more than her mind can think.

“I love being able to dance with every single girl on the team and how we’re all so passionate about it,” Mayren continued, “we all literally work so hard. We all became so close fast. I also love the adrenaline when it comes to performing it’s honestly the best thing ever!”

She was inspired to join drill because of how amazing their performances looked. Being part of the school has made her feel more out there and she is happy doing it.

Since the school year, the drill team has started to practice performing halftime routines for football games. Expect more from Virdiana Mayren and the rest of the team this school year!