Cotton Candy flavor is not worth lung cancer

Vaping is the new popular trend among teens that involves smoking from an electronic cigarette which uses a vaporizer that you inhale from to blow out smoke, the effect of an actual cigarette. 

Although these electronic cigarettes don’t burn tobacco, these devices do, however, include nicotine, which people argue can cause the same or more harm than an actual cigarette. 

Most of the teens who are smoking through these vaping devices think that it will be harmless because it’s not actual tobacco being burned. Many schools are struggling on keeping their students off of these toxic drug habits. It’s harder for the administration not knowing who needs help and who doesn’t. 

In late July, a local Utah teen, Maddie Nelson, 18, landed herself into a medically induced coma with a rare lung disorder after she had been performing vaping tricks for a couple of years. 

In an interview with Fox 13, Nelson had mentioned, “I had fat particles growing inside my lungs that were related to the glycerin in vape juice.” Nelson continued, “so then my lungs were full of fluid.” 

There are many dangers to inhaling nicotine including, resistance to insulin and an increased chance of type 2 diabetes. Nicotine can also cause increased heart rate and high blood pressure.

 The FDA had reported that some e-cigarettes have cancer-causing substances that are caused by ethylene glycol which had been found in some of the vape juice. 

Vaping is not the smartest idea unless you’re willing to open yourself to all of the negative side effects. 

Hillcrest High school’s, administration has been trying their best to detect teens who are vaping but it’s not so easy. The administration had put up signs in the bathrooms to try to prevent vaping from happening in their school. Some signs had inspiring quotes such as “it’s a lot easier to wipe your butt than your lungs,” and 

“some of the grossest things in this bathroom are in that vape.” 

The signs have shocked some of the students at Hillcrest including, Yenni Orduno, “I do believe that vaping leads to smoking cigarettes, the signs in the bathrooms have made it a harsh reality and have opened my eyes a little more.” Said Orduno. 

Vaping is not worth getting lung cancer or a rare disease. Having a Juul does not make you cool.