Marriage: A trap

Marriage for many is the truest expression of love, but marriage today isn’t designed for the logical world. Marriage isn’t love, marriage an ideal society has forced upon us. 

 The essence of a marriage is to be legally bound to someone, and it puts high and costly barriers in the way of splitting, it’s simply a way to make money. 

 Naysayers may argue that that the biggest reasons for getting married are “commitment,” “taxes,”or “kids,” but those aren’t necessarily real reasons. Marriage is an ideal that has been forced into the minds of people. You won’t live longer, be happier, or healthier. 

People mention “taxes” as argument, but most people don’t benefit. The ones who have a higher income receive a bigger penalty of their income. There’s also no benefit for partners who both work and earn roughly the same, regardless of whether they have kids. 

Another popular argument would be the “kids.” Two parent homes have been shown to be better for raising children, but this doesn’t mean that the parents have to be legally bound; You can raise a child, and they can be great without needing to enter a legal commitment.

Many also say it’s about commitment, but to marry is to force a sense of structure, and to gain a sense of gratification.

  As Andrew Cherlin wrote in The New York Times, “marriage has become a status symbol, a highly regarded marker of a successful personal life.” 

Marriage has strayed from the actual idea of what it “is”and into an idea of superiority.   Getting “hitched” doesn’t mean your partner isn’t going to cheat, commitment has nothing to do with marriage, but rather with morals. 

The idea of love shouldn’t be one of being obligated to be there for someone through a paper, an expensive ceremony, or anything like that but rather one that has the people there because they want to be.