Leah Christensen: California bound


Hanna Emery

Leah Christensen, the president of Hillcrest’s Dance company, loves to express herself through contemporary dance. She danced at UDA before trying out for dance company, and loved every second.

“I thought about doing drill my freshman year, but expressive dance is important to me, and I could really find that in Dance Company.”

When Leah isn’t practicing dance, she is focusing on her AP classes.

“I have a love hate relationship with AP, I don’t love the workload, but it’s definitely worth it,” she explains.

Her favorite class at the moment is AP literature, she loves how they break down literature, especially because of her love of books.

“Honestly I don’t think i’ve read my favorite book yet,” she explained. “But I can feel it coming, because I’m really trying to find more time to read.”

The days she is the least busy, she appreciates the times when she can sit down and play the piano. She grew up taking lessons, and got really good, but her passion for dance began to take over.

Leah plans on going out of state for college, and is hoping for California. She has a deep love for Utah, but is ready to see more of the U.S. and she has always been attracted to the schools in California.

She is thinking about studying business because of how she grew up.

She explained, “I’ve thought about starting my own business, because my dad made his own and I just grew up with that, and the benefits would be very rewarding for me as well.”

If Leah could start any business, it would be her own makeup company. One of the makeup brands she looks up to is Fenty, because of how inclusive it is, and she finds that extremely important.

“A dream has always been to work at sephora, and do makeup for people, but I would also just love to create my own business.”

Leah Christensen knows what she wants, and plans to accomplish all of it.