Should myHomework stay?

Hillcrest has recently adopted a new app called “myHomework” and students have mixed feelings about it.The new app, designed by developer Rodrigo Neri, is used to track classes, homework assignments, and tests. Hillcrest also uses the app to assign hall passes to bathrooms, lockers, classrooms, and other locations throughout the school.

Nessa Leatutufu, a senior here at Hillcrest, feels that myHomework has lots of potential, but could definitely use some improvement. She’s been able to experience a lot of the trials of new ideas put in place, like verge cards, husky strong arm, and planners. Out of all of the ideas, “myHomework” has been the most beneficial.

“Although this app does need some work… it’s really not that bad. I really hope that’ll stay with the school…” said Leatutufu.

There has definitely been some negative opinions on the myHomework from other students as well. Tomas Acosta, another Senior, feels that the “myHomework” app is not as effective as the planners that were put in place last year.

“It sounded like a good idea, but my first time using it was a bit rough. I didn’t know where to go to request hall passes, or put assignments. The planner was nice because I knew exactly where things were, and I personally like having things written out,” Acosta said.

Not only did the students have issues with the app, but also teachers.

“It was very confusing to use as teachers, so I’d only imagine how the students felt,” said Mr. Dave Richardson, history teacher here at Hillcrest.

Although it was a struggle to understand at first, after figuring out how to use the app, he enjoys the app very much.

Richardson explained, “I think the app is very nice to have, especially for teachers. I know exactly who needs to be in my class during APP. I also like how everything is electronic, a simple approve of a pass is really nice for an old guy like me.”

Even though there’s mixed feelings about the new “myHomework app,” Hillcrest has learned to adapt, and use it. There are definitely some issues that are being worked out, but the “MyHomework app” has made its mark and is here to stay.