The End of the Underground

Courtesy of @Chelseadufresne

Courtesy of @Chelseadufresne

The underground, known for giving local artists in Salt Lake City, Utah, a voice has come to an end. The local venue located on 833 Main St, Salt Lake City, has hosted many local bands including Acid Hologram, Walking Opinion, Reverberation, Sincerely, The Universe, and many other bands and singers!

Downtown Music is a music store that is used for a rehearsal space for local bands and artist. The Underground, located at the west end of the music store, had been using the space for hosting shows instead of its intended purpose. The space was closed off for events because the people hosting the place did not have a business license to actually host events in the space.

The Underground has been around since 2010 and has always been helping bands/singers with shows and getting out there in the Salt Lake music scene. At this venue there was strictly no booze, no jerks, and cash only tickets. This venue has really given people who are just starting out in the music scene a chance to really get out there, in a safe comfortable way.

The Underground has an Instagram(@theundergroundslc) which was used to promote their upcoming shows in the secret venue. They had posted a picture on Instagram describing the incident and let the locals understand the situation without spreading hate to the owners for shutting down the venue. They had no bad intentions and just wanted to host local bands and singers in a safe environment.

Acid Hologram, a band with three members played at The Underground in August 17, 2018.

“The turnout seems to be more than it actually is because of how cramped it is, and because of the enclosed space it was really loud,” said Zach Nunley one of the guitarists for the band.

Acid Hologram had experienced a great show at this venue, which then led them to be discovered by their fans and other venue hosts. Acid Hologram is now more out there in the Salt Lake City music scene and can respect The Underground for helping them.