Wildfires devour California



Wildfires continue to devour California.

While it may be freezing here in Utah, California continues to go up in flames. According to CNN, on October 31, at least ten fires are burning all over the state and 26 million people are under red flag alerts.

The Reagan Presidential Library is under threat, roads are closed due to low visibility from smoke, thousands if not millions of people have been evacuated, and the fires are visible from space. It is a historic year for California and not in a good way.

According to CNN,the largest of the fires is the Kincade fire which has been burning since October 23. As of November 1, the fire is only 45% contained and has burned 77,000 acres. Firefighters from the surrounding areas, including Utah, have been called to help fight the blaze.

The Easy fire is slightly smaller, only having burned about 1,700 acres by Oct. 31. Firefighters working around the clock were able to get it under containment despite strong wind. This is the fire that got very close to destroying the Ronald Reagan Presidential library. As of Oct. 31, the fire was 10% contained and evacuation orders have been lifted.

Overnight on October 31, a new fire named the Maria fire burned over 8,000 acres. According to the LA Times, strong winds took it from a small brush fire to a huge wildfire and firefighters responded around 6:00 pm on Halloween.

Many wonder if this is the new normal for California. Kate Armanini, a 16 year old from Mountain View, California wrote an editorial to the New York Times.

“There seems always to be a fire burning in California. Last year, during the Camp Fire, my school canceled classes, which was unheard of at the time. We were given the impression that there would never be a fire of that severity again. And yet, here we are; nothing has changed.”

By November 7, most of the fires were contained including the Hillside, Getty, and Taboose fire, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire protection.