Cancel Riverdale

Cancel Riverdale

Riverdale, one of the most popular CW shows on at the moment is terrible and here’s why.

The first season started on the right foot, it was your classic teen romance with a touch of a murder mystery, but once the second season started it went down hill. 

A lot of the quotes were extremely cringe and made the watcher uncomfortable, but not in a good way. Cheryl, one of the main characters who is hated by many, expresses her feelings with an edgy, obnoxious phrase every time. “I want to be a role model for many, even though who need makeup really badly.” 

Another one of the leading female characters, Veronica Lodge, refers to her high school boyfriend Archie, as “daddy.” Lodge presents herself as a strong female, but says stuff like,” Can’t we just liberate ourselves from the tired dichotomy of jock, artist? Can’t we, in this post James Franco world, be all things at once.” to ruin that entire idea. 

One of the largest cringe scenes from this show is the “I’m a weirdo” speech from Jughead Jones, played as Cole Sprouse. Jughead makes it known that the most important trait is that he is a weirdo and he doesn’t fit in. This speech was basically made into a meme, and that is exactly what happened. 

Also kinky Betty, is a huge cringe issue. Betty is your perfect, white, girl next door expect for the fact that she is kinky and dances at bars in front of her boyfriends dad? It’s gross, and honestly a little bit problematic considering her age in the show. 

Riverdale, a recently award winning show for whatever reason, needs to be canceled, because it truly isn’t well written, or good.