Poems for Utah college application week

Poems for Utah college application week


Long explanations for college can be unbearable depending on just how long they are. However, knowing about college is important. To keep one’s mind from wandering like it would from a boring lecture, here are some poems that get the main point across.


Find some scholarships.

They will make your life easier.

Pay less out-of-pocket.


A student chose to procrastinate;

His application would be so great.

He lost track of the days,

That he was in such a daze.

He’s refused for applying too late.


Less expensive


Colleges galore


Live near friends



Bold, difficult

Reading, writing, learning

Students get confused so easily.



College can be fun for anyone.

There are clubs, just like in high school,

So unique, they’re picked by someone.

Students have roommates, which can be cool,

As long as they’re not used as a tool.

Each major of a different subject,

With some relaxed and some crueler,

Will help you decide what to expect.