Shows worth losing sleep over

Shows worth losing sleep over

One of the greatest feelings this world full of streaming services has to offer is finding a good show to binge watch. Due to the variety there’s a good amount of trash out there. Here are some shows I put my life on hold for,

Hamilton’s Pharmacopoeia on Hulu

The show is about young Hamilton Morris, an American journalist and chemist who travels around and explores the history/chemistry of unique drugs. The show is very well produced and educational. Not only is Morris a very handsome man but he’s also entertaining making episodes just fly by. Definitely recommend if you’re into documentary style shows. 

Euphoria on HBO

Euphoria is a teen drama that follows a group of high school students. All of their experiences and traumas are shared and nothing is sugar coated. This show has a beautiful cast with amazing cinematography. One thing Leonardo DiCaprio and I have in common is our love for Euphoria. DiCaprio was quoted saying “I just saw ‘Euphoria,’ which is amazing. That show is amazing,” at premiere of “One Upon a Time In Hollywood. 

Trailer Park Boys on Netflix

If you’re ever looking for a good laugh in less than half an hour this is your show. Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary that tracks the lives of three middle aged men that are best friends. They have a ridiculous amount of bad luck but at least they have each other. This show is worth losing sleep over. It’s also 12 seasons long so you do not have to worry about finding something new to watch for a while.