Stranger Songs

Listening to Ingrid Michaelson’s new album, you might not realize that the songs were inspired by the hit show Stranger Things. On a second listen though, themes start to emerge that not only reflect the show but can also deepen a character’s personality. 

Each song is inspired by a different character in moments from the show. Some are subtle and others are more obvious. For instance, one song is called “christmas lights”, and it’s about Joyce talking to her son Will through the christmas lights. 

The album is filled with easter eggs for fans of the show. In “Take Me Home”, the lyrics go “Turn me inside out/ Turn me upside down/ Take me home.” Upside down is a reference to the place where Will is trapped in the first season. In another song, “Young and in Love”, she sings about the fourth of July, which alludes to the release date of the third season. 

My favorite song is “Jealous”. This song comes from a moment in the second season where Eleven sees Mike and Max together and causes Max to fall out of jealousy. The song is from Eleven’s perspective and how and why she reacts the way she does. 

Another very good song is from Barb’s perspective. It is based on the fan theory that Barb was in love with Nancy. 

Michaelson says “I feel like Barb’s storyline wasn’t long enough and I wanted more. I think many of us wanted more from her storyline, so I wanted to write something from her point of view as a love letter to Nancy. So that’s what ‘Best Friend’ is.” 

Even if you have never seen the show, this is a great album with a lot of great songs. This album is a great treat for fans, but this album is made for everyone, whether they have watched the show or not.