Hillcrest Students: Weird Talents

Everybody has weird talents, all the way from touching your tongue to your elbow or being double jointed. Here are some of Hillcrest students weird talents:

Maggie Erekson: “I can’t straighten my pinky all the way.”

Mitchell Mangum: “I can play piano.”

Reed: “Lexi green can sit indian style and walk on her knees.”

Spencer Holladay: “I can touch my hands to the ground, and I’m a guy, almost no other guys are that flexible.”

Ellie Walker: She can dislocate her shoulder

April Maxwell: I drink a lot of water, is that a special talent?

FaithThomas: I can speed walk REALLY fast!

Brooke Johnson: “I can dislocate both my shoulders. “

Bradon Linnarz: “Surprisingly I can walk, pretty weird talent.”

Alex Nielson: “I can touch  my tongue to my nose.”

Joel Larrabee: “I am good at free climbing without using safety gear.”