What foods are making America fat?

The statistic across America is 1 in 3 people are clinically obese. Part of this is because of the bigger portions. Now more than ever portion size is increasing up to 20% of our calories. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) reported that fast food restaurants are increasing the American diet by upwards of 11%.

 Convenience eating has been on a rise recently in the US. More than ever couples and families are finding it easier to eat out than go home and prepare dinner. As well as the consumption of fats, sodas and energy drinks which have increased by almost 30% across the country.

One of the big reasons for this is the whole false dieting philosophies.

According to publichealth.org the country spends over $20 billion a year on weight loss guides and dieting help.

One of the biggest reasons these are not working is the false knowledge of actually dieting. The belief in fat being bad causes companies to take out all their sugars and fats and replace them with carbs that are often very calorie dense. Most food companies are just swapping hydrogenated oils and sugar in for the animal fats they removed from low-fat products. 

Not having enough fats in your diet can actually cause issues with your energy levels and this is why the want of more food and caloric uptake are rising. Having fat will actually keep your energy levels up for drastically longer than any sugary carb. 

Probably the biggest problem that is causing the lack of exercise across America is jobs now require less movement and the shift from blue-collar jobs to white-collar office jobs are part of the cause in this. With adults more and more getting less than 30 minutes of sleep a day this is the perfect recipe for weight gain. 

Problems with sleep, smoking, drugs and other issues help with the weight gain but cause a smaller percentage. 

Solving this is pretty simple: get enough sleep, exercise and consume less calories than you burn off are the ways to do this. While some need study guides and help there is access to thousands of resources world-wide and it’s possible to change the culture of America from it’s stigma of obesity.