Mr. Snyder: making math exciting

Photo Credit: Maggie Erekson

Photo Credit: Maggie Erekson

In his five years of teaching math here at Hillcrest, Matthew Snyder has taught a lot of people, and that’s why he loves it. 

“My favorite part of working here is how it’s different every day and that the students are so diverse,” he says. “The spectrum of the various students that I get to deal with on a daily basis that keeps things interesting and challenging at the same time.”

Before teaching, Snyder was a coach for fifteen years. He spent twelve years coaching girls basketball, baseball, and golf, at Intermountain Christian. Then he came to Hillcrest and spent three more years assistant coaching baseball. However, teaching always seemed like a natural fit. 

“I enjoy human interaction and I also enjoy doing what I can to make others better so teaching allows me to do so and before I had a family of my own, coaching allowed me to do that. Coaching and teaching go hand in hand.”

Overall, Snyder loves his students. His favorite student is everyone and he wants them to know how much he appreciates that each day is new and exciting. So many crazy things happen all the time that he couldn’t think of any specific examples.

However, he can remember the weirdest thing that happened to him as a student. 

“When I was a student in college, the weirdest thing that happened was a professor peed his pants in the middle of a lecture. His response was to walk out of the classroom and not return. We all just sat there, because he hadn’t told us what to do.”