Winter is coming-for a good cause

Hillcrest High School holds a Winter Fundraiser every year. This year the donations will be going to the 5 for the Fight which raises funds for cancer research. Fun fact: they’re partnered with Qualtrics and even more cool, the Utah Jazz. The SBOs are working hard to make the school fundraiser a community fundraiser.

There will be numerous events that will be held in the month leading into December until Winter Break. In fact, there will be nine fundraising opportunity days. All events cost $5 to match the theme.

  • Dodgeball: 11/20 @ 7pm

Consisting of a Bracket system, there will be a competition of teams that decide to compete for the number one spot. Each team consists of six players with the option of one substitute. The final two teams competed at the opening assembly and OKC stood victorious.

  • Trivia Night: 12/5 @ 7pm

This is where students of Hillcrest test their knowledge. They will go through rounds of questions in attempts to answer as many correctly as possible. This can get especially competitive due to the numerous intelligent candidates. 

  • Smash Bros Night: 12/10 @ 7pm

Have you ever wanted a night to spend with friends in order to play Super Smash Bros? Look no further, because this is the event for you. For one night only, Hillcrest hosts a Super Smash Bros tournament on a couple of T.V.s in order to see who is superior at playing this popular video game.

  • Most Eligible Husky: 12/13 @7pm

New to the Hillcrest traditions, Most Eligible Husky showcases different students that decide to participate in order to show off their love for Hillcrest as well as some of their skills: whether they’re good or bad at performing them.

  • 5k Run: 12/14 @ 9am

Another new Hillcrest tradition is the Hillcrest 5k. Come for a good run because the course will be worth your time! Sign up on the Hillcrest High School Website.

  • Hillcrest Idol: 12/16 @ 7pm

American Idol is the large version of Hillcrest Idol. In order to compete, all contestants have to complete auditions. Consisting of three judges, contestants sing one minute of a song in attempts to get to the top three finalists and potentially win the entire competition.

  • Choir/Art Show: 12/18 @ 7pm

Renae Dalgleish, Hillcrest’s choir director, hosts a choir concert in the auditorium. Choirs such as Vocal Ensemble, Concert Choir, and Sopr/Alto Choir will be performing songs they’ve been dedicating practices to during class and after school.

  • Win-A-Date: 12/21 @ 11am

SBO’s are so excited to announce that they will be bringing a student per SBO on a date with them. Just pay for a ticket to be put in their box as a raffle ticket and winners will be chosen at random.

  • NG Payoffs: Date TBT 

No grades will have the opportunity to be taken off of your grades… if you pay. Paying a certain amount will make those NG’s vanish!