Pick your favorite Hillcrest thing/event and I’ll tell you what subject you should teach


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Five Results:






What’s your favorite Hillcrest musical?

Mary Poppins- Ceramics

Les Mis- English

Hairspray- Psychology

42nd Street- PE

Other- Math


What’s your favorite Hillcrest dance?

Prom- PE

Spontaneous- Psychology

Husky Howl- Ceramics

Homecoming- English

Sweethearts- Math


Where do you park?

Overflow- Math

Back parking lot- PE

Teacher parking- English

I don’t have a permit so a spot with a white dot- Psychology

My parents drop me off- Ceramics


What’s your favorite period of the day? (based on your own schedule)

1st or 2nd- English

3rd or 4th- Ceramics

5th or 6th- Math

7th or 8th- Psychology



What’s your favorite Hillcrest tradition?

Save or Shave- English

Sammy and Sally- Math

Burning of the H- PE

Men’s Drill- Psychology

The all-day assembly- Ceramics


What’s your favorite hallway?

Downstairs C Hall- Psychology

Upstairs A Hall- English

The gym building- PE

The stem building- Math

The M Hall- Ceramics


What’s your favorite room in the school?

The auditorium- Psychology

The gym- Math

The weights room- PE

The dance room- English

The choir or band room- Ceramics