Teens Favorite National Parks

Some of the fondest memories I remember from when I was little are the trips my family would take to Goblin Valley. 


National Parks are everywhere and have so much to offer. Here are some teen’s favorite national/state parks. 


“Goblin Valley because I have some incredible memories with my friends there.”

-Harold Eisert


“Goblin Valley because I’ve been there so much with my family and its beautiful.”



“Sequoia National Park-lots of huge trees, amazing views, long and fun hiking trails.”

-Ahnaf Islam


“Snow Canyon State Park”

-Mason Anger


“Moab! It was my dad’s favorite! And also Yellowstone. Both such gorgeous places.”

-Maddy Mismash


“Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore- it is so pretty and has a ton of history!”

-Alex Johansson


“…Glacier is the most beautiful!”

-Emily Liddiard


“I like Capitol Reef a lot.”

-Nick Holman


“Goblin Valley State Park, because my family has so many great memories of adventuring there!”

-Kenny Mears