(Stag)gering to go to dances

(Stag)gering to go to dances


Going to dances with a date has been a tradition for decades. However, you don’t always have to go on a date to go to a dance. 

Many girls and boys believe that it’s not socially acceptable to go alone because it makes them look “lame” or even a “loser.” 

This is especially true when it comes to extremely formal dances like Homecoming or Prom. People feel they need their prince or princess at the event.

For years, people would go with a date to each of these dances. Students even made an event out of asking a person to a dance called D-Day. 

D-Day is making a poster and staying up until around 12 at night to deliver their creation to their choice of who they want to accompany them to the upcoming dance. Girls and boys usually post a picture of how the other person asked using the poster on their social media is seen by a large group of people. 

However, for some, they just believe that it won’t be as fun. Max McGrath, a sophomore at Hillcrest says, “I’m not saying you can’t go but it’s more fun to go with someone,” after saying he didn’t go to a major dance since he was going stag.

One dance that may cause a lot of issues regarding going stag is a dance being produced in February called Sweethearts. It’s called Sweethearts because it’s a Valentine’s Day dance. 

Since Valentine’s Day is revolved around love and couples, many think it isn’t okay to go stag since they’d feel awkward. Most of the people in past years have been couples or some pairs of friends here and there; However, only a few people going stag.

What most people don’t realize though is going stag allows the student to experience the dance. People will talk about their experiences for a couple of days after, and turn the dance and events during the dance into a hot topic.

For example, during Spontaneous, Mrs. Klekas and Ms. Mooseman began to show off a couple of small dance moves. They weren’t expecting what happened next. 

A few of the boys attending the dance decided to dance around the two teachers and therefore initiating almost all of the students dancing to regroup and dance in the corner where the teachers were showing their dance moves. 

Comedic moments will be missed if students don’t show up due to their fear of going to dances alone. 

There is a good amount of students that go stag! If other students realized this I feel like they’d be more prone to going to these dances. In all honesty… Who needs a date? Seriously!

You can go to a dance and have so much fun and hang out with all types of people.

If you’re too nervous to go to a dance alone, try to grab a group of friends! This way you’ll have someone to lean on.