Marriage Story


Marriage Story, although more like a divorce story, was a film written and directed by Noah Baumbach. Which seems to be his latest foray into family dysfunction. Starring Adam Driver (a king) and Scarlett Johannson as the troubled spouses.

As soon as the movie begins you are thrown into a sea of emotions, they explain why they love each other and it feels like your heart is going to burst until it sinks. 

The couple seemed very involved in their work from the start. Being colleagues, it felt to them as if they had no lives of their own. And because of the raw performance, you felt the same.

This movie talks about the hardest parts of divorce and even marriage. Money, sex, and jealousy, and maybe that’s why this movie works so well.

Marriage Story is raw and uncomfortable and makes you feel guilty, but it is an incredible real story for those mature enough to watch.